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Document History App

A 100% reliable audit trail

Records all authoring activities

A simple, intuitive and interoperable way to provide your authors with the capability of auditing the history of a document.



In some cases you need to be sure: who did what and when did it happen. FontoXML Document History provides documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected your content. At all times, every single change is logged. That’s what makes it unique.

Document History is a novel approach to looking at the history of an XML document, as it is today. Document History allows you to precisely examine what happened to an XML document, without the need to understand the underlying XML structure. It provides an intuitive user interface for visualizing and navigating each and every change in the document.


Document History combines the intuitive user interface of FontoXML Editor with the compare and merge technology of DeltaXML. By doing this we provide subject matter experts with the best read only (XML) audit trail on the market.

Document History integrates with any CMS, DMS or repository using a simple REST API. It natively works with any XML editor and other processes without any need for them to change.

Even if you’re not a FontoXML Editor user, you can use Document History as a standalone application. It can be launched from any other system.


• Textual, structural and attribute changes
• Nested, overlapping and conflicting changes
• Evidential details: author and date per change
• Intuitive and familiar user interface
• Integrates everywhere


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Why Microsoft Word can’t do the job


Revision comparison is superior to change tracking


The user interface of Document History is designed with non-technical users in mind. It hides the complexity of the underlying XML and revision concept, while emphasizing and extending the concepts that users have already seen from other text processors like Microsoft Word. For example, textual additions are visualized in green while the deletions are visualized as red strikethrough.

Document History alleviates some of the issues of the MS World-style change tracking used by most text processors:

• People may forget to switch on track-changes, or switch it off on purpose.
• People may be working on the same document concurrently making it hard or even impossible to track changes across their versions of the document.
• Representing structural and semantical changes.
• Representing overlapping and conflicting changes.
• Interoperability between different processors.

Document History does not rely on the change information to be stored inside the document; it compares the revisions stored in the CMS, DMS or repository. Effectively, it generates a delta between revision A and B.

This is not unique to Document History, there are several A/B comparison tools out there. A typical drawback of this approach is that it lacks precision: if you, for example, compare revision A with D, how would you know if the change was made in B or C? Document History compares all the revisions and combine each delta into a continuous changelog giving it the ability to precisely determine who did what and when a change was made. Even when changes are overlapping or when changes revert prior changes.

This makes Document History 100% reliable; it gives evidence of each and every change! Document History is an intuitive, reliable tool for auditing documents in many domains, including pharma, legislation, aviation and finance.

Swiss Precision

“Change a text, its structure or insert an element, we’ll keep a record at all times.”