The architecture of FontoXML is developed for flexibility. It consists of the Editor and various Apps. Configuring an instance requires knowledge of general techniques such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Compliance with all XML schemas is assured

FontoXML ensures that every edit, selection or addition you make in your content, is stored in XML directly. This assures full compliance with the XML schema, and authors are never bothered with XML tags, schema logic or technical complexities that are irrelevant to them.

Create and edit entire books

Large data elements are supported, which means that FontoXML can be used to create and edit entire chapters or even books in one instance. You’ll get the best user experience by using FontoXML in the latest versions of the Google Chrome browser.

Easy integration

FontoXML can be seamlessly integrated into any process, tool or repository authors are familiar with. Office 365, Sharepoint, Alfresco, MarkLogic, Documentum/D2, SDL, OneDrive, Google Drive, FileNet, etc.

It has been done before.