Fonto 8.1 Announcement

For the upcoming 8.1 release, we’ve made organizational changes to align our teams with our roadmap as shared last week. We are taking our time to make these changes meaning, 8.1 is mostly a polishing release to make smaller improvements across a lot of areas. However, we also managed to squeeze in a few new …

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Fonto Roadmap 2022 and beyond

Now that the thunder of the Fonto 8.0 release is starting to fade, it is time to turn our minds toward the future. As Forrester’s “The Future of Documents” report illustrates, the momentum for structured content is growing. While industries like aerospace and manufacturing are ahead of the curve, we see widespread adoption of structured …

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Upcoming build tool improvements in the Fonto SDK

We’d like to give you a heads up about upcoming changes to Fonto. These changes specifically concern you as a developer, and how you work with Fonto’s SDK. They do not directly affect Fonto’s end users. For the upcoming 7.7 release of Fonto we plan to modernise Fonto’s build tools, which are used for running …

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Fonto 8.0 WebinarApril 13, 6.30 pm CET / 11.30 am CST

Providing you with insights from our team and a QA session.

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