FontoXML makes structured authoring super intuitive

Subject matter experts and occasional content contributors worldwide
use FontoXML to create structured content.


FontoXML is all about user-friendly authoring of valid XML by occasional authors. The web-based XML editor adapts to your schema, your CMS infrastructure and the frontend that your authors are used to working in. A large variety of (free) Add-ons is available to complement FontoXML. They can be integrated using APIs or web services and can be extended over time.

Web-based XML editor

  • No plug-in required
  • Real-time Schema validation
  • Structure, WYSIWYG and Source View
  • Copy and paste from Word, HTML, etc.
  • Spell-check and change tracking
  • Notes and comments

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FontoXML Add-ons

  • Language support / spell-check
  • Real-time link validation
  • Readability score
  • Metadata suggestion
  • Entity extraction
  • Formulas support

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FontoXML Editions


The FontoXML DITA and TEI editions include all FontoXML features and offer specific extra features for these standards in technical writing.


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