Web-based XML Editor

  • Makes structured authoring super intuitive
FontoXML unleashes the potential of your authors
by making structured authoring available to everyone

Why FontoXML?

Personalized content, multichannel publishing, content aggregation, intelligent retrieval.
Many trends increase the need to create structured and semantic rich content.
FontoXML provides your authors the possibility to do so.
Based on true engagement.
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FontoXML is all about user-friendly authoring of valid XML. The web-based XML editor
adapts to your schema, your CMS infrastructure and the frontend that your authors are
used to working in. Add-ons bring content creation to a higher level. The optional FontoXML Suite
embeds the editor in a straightforward workflow and content management system.

  • Javascript-based XML Editor, no plug-in required
  • Direct editing in XML source through HTML preview
  • Real-time Schema validation
  • Structure view, WYSIWYG view, Source View
  • Copy and paste
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  • Spell-check: UK, USA, NL, custom vocabularies
  • Real-time link validation
  • Auto summary
  • Metadata suggestion
  • Entity extraction
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  • Workflow
  • Role-based access
  • Configurable roles and teams
  • Dashboard and reports
  • Work in projects
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Key Benefits

FontoXML enables every expert to produce structured and rich content even with
no knowledge of XML. The frontend connector in FontoXML ensures that FontoXML looks the
way you want it to. It can be seamlessly integrated into any tool your authors are used to.
FontoXML is powerful: it handles large documents and is compatible with any E-CMS.

img6 User-friendly

FontoXML enables subject matter experts to produce and enrich content directly, using the right structure.

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img7 Open Architecture

FontoXML is developed in layers for maximum flexibility. It is designed to be customized.

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img8 Large Documents

FontoXML handles large documents and can be extended using FontoXML add-ons for additional functionality.

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img9 Workflow

FontoXML Suite is a complete web-based content-creation workflow system.

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FontoXML leaflet
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Open architecture

The architecture of FontoXML is developed for flexibility. It consists of the Editor Core and
connectors which allow for the quick adaption of FontoXML to your schemas, CMS or workflow
system, user interface and various add-ons. Configuring the connectors requires
knowledge of general techniques such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

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FontoXML can be integrated into your organization in four steps. Customers and implementation partners
are given full access to the Connectors of FontoXML and adapt FontoXML using general techniques
such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Implementation is done mainly using a SCRUM approach,
where your organization is supported by experts from FontoXML or one of our implementation partners.

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Our customers


Your investment in FontoXML consists of a fee for customization and implementation and
license fees that are based on the number of named and/or concurrent users.
Add-ons and the FontoXML Suite are optional.

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  • Annual license fee for each named
    user ("Editor license").

    Annual license fee per concurrent user ("Expert license").
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    EURO €249


    DOLLAR $339


    • - Licenses for named users are typically suitable for editors who use FontoXML on a regular basis. Named users are those users who access FontoXML from a personalized workspace or CMS.

    • - Licenses for concurrent users are typically suitable for large groups of authors or contributors who make occasional use of FontoXML. FontoXML is available for simultaneous use by a number of anonymous users.
  • Customization, implementation and training More info
    Based on number of hours, starts at €19 000

    Based on number of hours, starts at $26 000

    Customization and implementation involves:
    • - Initial analysis and assessment of customization
    • - Technology and knowledge transfer
    • - Establishment of an implementation plan and budget
    • - Adaptation to custom schema
    • - Incorporation of frontend
    • - Link to CMS
    • - Integration of add-ons
  • Service Level Agreement More info

    20% of annual license fee

    The Service Level Agreement covers response times, issue management and end-user support.
All prices excl. VAT