Fonto Document History

The most intuitive and effective way to identify and manage changes or edits in XML documents.  

Be audit ready

Mitigate regulatory, legal and commercial risk.

In some cases you need to be sure: who did what and when did it happen? That is why Fonto Document History enables you to easily find all the relevant changes within your XML documents. Reducing manual work while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Without the need to understand the underlying XML structure, Fonto Document History provides authors as well as auditors an intuitive user interface that shows each and every change in the document. No matter how large and complex the document is, Fonto identifies not only textual, but also structural and attribute changes.

Fonto Document History at a glance

These six features make this product unique.

No more complexity of changes

The biggest challenge with version control of a document is when changes are being changed, or when parts of a change are changed again. With Fonto Document History this is no longer an issue because it takes care of the complexity of nested, overlapping and conflicting changes, and presents it in an intuitive user interface.

Seamless integration

When you’re inspecting the history of your content, chances are you will run into something that you want to change. Simply make a selection, click edit here and you will navigate to your selected content in Fonto Editor, where you can change whatever you want.

See all types of changes

Changes in structure, added and removed elements, attribute changes, replaced images and more.

Review what others have changed

Reviewing the changes of other contributors? Turn Document History into a todo-list. The mark as seen functionality helps you work through the full list of changes.

Evidential information

Fonto Document History provide a 100% reliable audit trail. It records all authoring activities. It allows you to find out who did what and when did it happen.

Version control

Are you wondering what has changed in your content since you last worked on it? Or are you curious who wrote a specific paragraph? Select a previous version of your content, and see what has changed since then.

Get an impression

A picture paints a thousand words, a video shows a thousand pictures.

Revision comparison instead of change tracking.

Why Microsoft Word can’t do the job!

The user interface of Fonto Document History is designed with non-technical users in mind. It hides the complexity of the underlying XML, while emphasizing the concepts that users are familiar with in text processors like Microsoft Word. For example, textual additions are visualized in green, while deletions are visualized as a red strikethrough.

In addition, Fonto Document History alleviates some well known change tracking issues:

  • People may be working on the same document concurrently, making it hard or even impossible to track changes across their versions of the document.
  • Representing structural and semantic changes.
  • Representing overlapping and conflicting changes.
  • Interoperability between different processors.

Fonto Document History does not rely on the change information to be stored inside the document. It compares the revisions stored in the CMS, DMS or repository. Effectively, it generates a delta between
revision A and B.

This is not unique to Fonto Document History since there are many A/B comparison tools out there. A typical drawback of such tools is the lack of precision. For example, if you compare revision A with D, how would you know a change was made in B or C?

Fonto Document History compares all the revisions and combines each ‘delta’ into a continuous changelog, giving it the ability to precisely determine who did what and when a change was made. Even when changes are overlapping or when changes revert prior changes.

This makes Fonto Document History a 100% reliable. It gives evidence of each and every change. It’s an intuitive and reliable tool for auditing documents in many domains including pharma, legislation, standardization, aviation and finance.


  • Text and structure
    Capture textual as well as structural and attribute changes.
  • Versioning on the fly
    Easily go back in time to see what happened.
  • Be audit ready
    Give auditors all the information they need.
  • User friendly
    No techy stuff. Ready for subject matter experts.
  • Mitigate regulatory risk
    The most comprehensive XML audit trail on the market.

Case Study

STCC, based in Rome, is the long-standing partner for the Italian Parliament, responsible for the management of official documents. Precision, understanding of the law-making details, speed and a consistent high level of service are key to this relationship. Legal documents in the drafting, amending as well as the published stage have high demands on their exact content and form.

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