Online standards development

How ISO and IEC, together with Fonto, are changing the way in which experts come together to create standards.

ISO and IEC are creating a new Online Standards Development (OSD) platform which aims at providing the technical community with a unique and harmonized space for online standards development, from the first draft through to authoring, commenting, editing, voting, publication, and evolution over time.  

Create content that is clear, precise and unambiguous

Already more than 80 working groups, representing over 7,000 users, are currently working on drafting standards within the XML platform. Content quality is improved at the early stages of standard development together with simplified online commenting and final compilation of resolutions.

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The key advantages that the online standards development platform brings:

  • Collaboration – experts work collaboratively on a standard in real-time.
  • Accuracy and quality – a platform that takes care of the structure and quality of the document so experts can truly focus on content rather than formatting.
  • Efficiency – straightforward online commenting and comment resolution.
  • Integration – a platform accessible via existing ISO and IEC standards development tools.
  • Harmonized – IEC/ISO standards development and processes.
  • NISO STS – a content development system based on Standards.

By creating a single, collaborative and integrated place for standards content, ISO and IEC are improving efficiency and enhancing the traceability of expert inputs and assisting the community in understanding the evolution of a standard and the origin and rationale of the comments that went into its various drafts.

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