NEN – Standards of the future

How NEN develops a user-friendly XML first content creation process.


Managing and coordinating 31.000 standards​

NEN supports the standardization process in The Netherlands and manages over 31.000 standards. Those are the international (ISO, IEC), European (CEN-CENELEC) and national (NEN) standards accepted in The Netherlands. In total over 800 standards committees are active, with in total over 5.000 standard committee members.

Properly managing the extensive standards collection and coordinating the national, European and international standards committees, requires a high-quality infrastructure.


Showcase the benefits of working with XML​

As part of its infrastructure NEN will use Fonto to enable the editorial department to create and manage (XML) structured content. This way the production time for the standards, in HTML, will be shortened considerably. Working in structured content at the editorial department will allow for the subject matter experts to familiarize themselves with working on structured content as well.

  • Create (XML) structured content at the editorial department
  • Change management: move to structured content creation
  • Familiarize NEN with the possibilities and advantages of (working in) XML
  • Let subject matter experts, marketers, etc. create structured content 
  • Move from Word to web i.e. XML first authoring


Fonto Editor integrated in Alfresco​

This new way of working will facilitate the introduction of structured content in the content creation process. In this process subject matter experts are creating content together. In the near future, working with Fonto will support and facilitate the development of NEN ‘Standards of the Future’, where structured content is essential.

● Integrate Fonto with Alfresco
● Configure Fonto to specific needs (NISO-STS)

Fonto accelerates the development of standards

Fonto facilitates imagining and creating a near future where the necessity of creating (XML) structured content is made possible for employees at NEN and experts. Creating the standards at NEN will be addressed in a very user-friendly manner.


  • Content quality increase
  • Time-to-market decrease
  • Engaged experts
  • Support innovation of NEN standards content and application
  • Use of the NISO-STS standard

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