Fonto for Standards Developing Organizations

SDOs use Fonto to create, edit and review standards, using the NISO Standards Tag Suite (STS).

Collaborative authoring

“There are important initiatives going on at IEC and ISO. Very importantly, the collaborative authoring, an XML-first approach, which will allow us to create lots of new products and services.”

Anja Bielfeld, IT Business Analyst, IEC at the Typefi Standards Symposium 2021
(as mentioned at 11:55 min. in the video)

Why Fonto?

“Fonto proved to be the most mature product, and it seemed easy to configure. And today we can confirm that it had most of the modules that we were looking for readily available out of the box.

I think most of all, seeing the number of experts we need to extend this tool to, what we really needed was something very usable that could be used without a lot of training, that would be intuitive. And I think we see now that this was the right choice, because it is very easy to use, very easy to configure.”

“I would say with at least two groups that we have recently onboarded, or that we are onboarding now, they said, “Oh, we don’t want any training. We know we’ve understood the concept of not having to fill it with layout stuff, but just putting in content, let us go and do things on our own.” And they seem to be doing fine; whenever we request feedback, it’s going well.”

Anja Bielfeld, IT Business Analyst, IEC at the Typefi Standards Symposium 2021

The Future of Documents

Presentation by Jan Benedictus at the Typefi Standards Symposium 2021

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