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Dynamic, quality-driven, and collaborative direct content editing during article production

“Integrating Fonto’s XML technology with Aries’ LiXuid Manuscript supports the removal of costly silos and format constraints to deliver a sophisticated editing experience without limitations.”

Charles O’Connor
Lead Product Manager, Aries Systems


Publish Faster, Publish Smarter

Aries Systems delivers innovative and flexible publishing workflow management solutions designed to enhance the discovery and dissemination of high-value content. Thousands of publications worldwide trust Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM), the leading peer review and production tracking systems, to streamline and manage their end-to-end publishing workflows.


Limitations of Traditional Article Production

Traditional production workflows shuffle static, unstructured Word documents and PDFs between key stakeholders across disparate systems. During the copyediting stage, the document is circulated and marked up with edits between the Author and the production Editor, and is then transferred to an XML typesetting operator responsible for interpreting and implementing the changes to a master file. In addition to issues with version control, errors in interpretation are common due to the operator’s lack of context and expertise with the content subject matter.

This ​​disjointed process of limited control, visibility, and management of content and communications introduces several risks, including decreased quality, increased costs, and delays to publication.


Taking Control of Content with Direct Editing

Aries’ LiXuid Manuscript™, a ProduXion Manager feature, includes a suite of XML-based workflow tools to transform static, unstructured content and processes into dynamic, workable data. The LiXuid Manuscript toolset includes an innovative direct content editing tool powered by the Fonto Editor that enables flexible, centralized revisions with tighter collaboration and quality control.

With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the editing tool enables easy and direct revisions and proofing for Authors and production Editors without any user XML expertise required.

All edits are maintained to a single document within a single system, eliminating version control, confusion, and rigid processes. As changes are made, the underlying XML is automatically updated and validated behind the scenes, eliminating the need for an expensive typesetting operator with XML knowledge and reducing risk that changes will be lost or misinterpreted.


The Bottom Line: Efficient Workflow, Quality Content

The Aries and Fonto partnership offers publishers a time- and cost-effective alternative to traditional production copyediting with a seamless collaboration and greater accuracy within a single system through LiXuid Manuscript.

How could the following benefits change and improve operations for publishers?

  • Streamlines content editing during article production managed within a single system. Less reliance on external operators and vendors with XML knowledge, cutting costs, errors, and delays.
  • Simple and direct content editing designed to alleviate issues with version and quality control through built-in features: Comprehensive edit tracking, interactive Author queries, figure and formula formatting, and cautionary alerts to suggested corrections.
  • Customizable to journal policies and preferences for user profiles and production tasks, including the ability to designate citation style, enable or restrict user views and access, and control behaviors of specific editing functions.

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