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Developing flexible learning experiences

“For us, Fonto has become the central place where our content creators are offered the right balance between stimulating the creative writing process and providing a clear structure and context.

Fonto allows us to create content for multiple media in a parallel process instead of linear. Which is contributing to a more efficient process.”

Robin Twaalfhoven
Business Solution Manager, Infinitas Learning


Leading provider for teaching and learning

Infinitas Learning is one of Europe’s leading providers of products and services for teaching and learning. The company is passionate about releasing the maximum potential of each and every individual by enabling a process of lifelong learning. The companies within Infinitas Learning create an impressive array of educational resources used in primary and secondary schools, further education colleges and professional markets. Infinitas Learning products span interactive software, online learning, e-books, audiobooks and printed textbooks, many of which are leading the market in their field.


A major transformation in producing the content

In the coming years, Infinitas will further strengthen its market-leading position, both in growth on our existing propositions as well as tapping into new markets and introducing new (blended) propositions. We aim to significantly grow the share of digital products in our portfolio – be that through blended or purely digital offerings. Our drive towards growth has concrete implications for our product offerings and requires a major transformation in how we produce the products and produce the content in those products.


Developing flexible learning experiences

We are moving from producing static products towards developing flexible learning experiences. A tooling landscape based on an XML-first process following an educational content standard (DITA) is key in making this pivot. Together with partner Crius, we have integrated Fonto as our new standard content editor in our tooling landscape. It allows our content creators to write collaboratively in a structured and integrated way for both print and digital media at the same time.

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