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Editors at BBC Monitoring use Fonto to author reference content about political personalities.


Everyone relies on the content from the BBC​

Established in 1939, BBC Monitoring’s initial task was understanding how Germany and its allies were using radio broadcasts for news and propaganda during World War II. In the decades that have followed, BBC Monitoring has continued to cover major world events and the role that media plays in them. With more media sources than ever before across multiple platforms including television, radio, press and the internet, BBC Monitoring continues to evolve to keep track of the developing media landscape.

Today, editors at BBC Monitoring use Fonto to author reference content about political personalities e.g. biographies and organisations. This content is published on a non-public website. Apart from the BBC, customers are commercial as well as governmental organisations worldwide.


Replace an end-of-life system​

Until recently, BBC Monitoring used an ‘end-of-life’ CMS system in combination with an outdated desktop XML editor. Due to a limited number of available licenses, this XML editor was installed on a few machines in the UK only.

Because of the risk of losing support for this old system and the need to edit XML in multiple locations worldwide, a new system was designed. The London based digital engineering agency Softwire was selected to migrate BBC Monitoring from the old to the new system. Fonto Editor was selected as the new online XML editor, to replace the existing desktop editor.


From desktop to online XML Editor in three months time​

After a training by the Fonto team, the Software engineers developed a new system, integrating Fonto Editor into the new CMS. Content is published to a completely new website. All of this, including the data transfer, took place in three months time.

“Users adopted Fonto very well due the more Microsoft Word like interface”.​

From an outdated desktop application to online XML editing

Today, the reference content is created and edited in 8 different locations worldwide, by 23 editors. After a half day training session, the existing editors adopted Fonto very well. New staff, with no XML experience, picked up faster than expected.


  • Smooth technology transfer from old to new system
  • Fast and easy adoption by editors
  • Used by editors in 8 locations
  • Developers trained to configure Fonto Editor
  • Editors trained in half a day to use Fonto

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