Fass – The Swedish Electronic Medicines Compendium

Replacement of Xopus with Fonto for the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden


The source of knowledge on medicines

For more than 50 years, Fass has been the source of knowledge on medicines in Sweden. In 1966 Fass started as a service to distribute product information – in print – from the pharmaceutical companies to prescribers.

Today, extensive knowledge on medicinal products and veterinary drugs, from several Swedish agencies and other actors as well as from 220 pharmaceutical companies, is provided to medical professionals and the general public via Fass.se.


Creating XML content in a user friendly and web based application

After having used PTC Arbortext to create content like SmPC (Summary of Product Characteristics) documents for years, Fass moved to SDL Xopus to provide its 220 member companies with a user-friendly and web-based alternative for the creation of XML content.  

In 2020 though, SDL (RWS, today) decided to stop the development and support of Xopus, and to replace it with Fonto. Fass decided to do the same to keep up with the fast-changing development of web browsers and to be assured of sustainable and high-quality support.


Improve the creation of medical product information

Supported by the Swedish IT consultancy firm Frontwalker, and after an intensive testing process, Xopus was replaced with Fonto at the beginning of 2021. 

Today, new medicines and changes to existing medicines are authored using Fonto. Looking forward, the teams of Fass, Frontwalker and Fonto are working together to provide end users with new functionalities to improve the creation of medical product information, efficient, fast and flawless.

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