The Road to Paris: the quest for Olympic qualification

The Road to Paris: the quest for Olympic qualification

“Is it too soon to book our seats for the decathlon at the Paris Olympics?” I pondered this as I prepared to interview Sven Roosen. The journey to Paris, after all, has its share of challenges, with qualification being paramount. Our conversation with Sven delved into his past season’s triumphs and learnings, and his outlook for the forthcoming year.

Countdown to Paris: the Olympic Dream inches closer

The Olympic Games in Paris, set for August 2-3, 2024, are drawing near, bringing the spotlight to the decathlon. To compete, athletes must first clear the qualification bar. For male decathletes, this means surpassing the national benchmark of 8,260 points. Sven, in a remarkable feat last season, set a new personal record at the Götzis meet, hitting 8,157 points.

Overcoming adversity: injury and recovery

Sven’s journey to this point wasn’t without hurdles. An aggravated Achilles heel led to months of recuperation, and during a training camp in Italy, his knee also flared up. Despite these setbacks, his performance at Götzis was a stepping stone, revealing potential for further improvement and reaching the national standard—a goal Sven approaches with confidence.

Sven’s bronze medal win at the European Championships U23 marked a significant recovery milestone, bolstering his belief in achieving the national standard.


The Ingmar Vos influence

Under Ingmar Vos’s mentorship for over two years, Sven has honed his technical skills, now a natural part of his repertoire. This evolution has not only improved his performance but also fortified his mental resilience.

Balancing act: sports and studies

Sven also dedicates time to academics, interning at Topsport Gelderland. This “positive distraction” offers mental respite, a crucial balance to his intense training regimen. His coach and internship program work in tandem, ensuring that Sven’s athletic and academic commitments complement each other.

Götzis: a strategic step on the road to Paris

With the national standard published, Sven must not only meet this benchmark but also secure a spot among the world’s top 24 decathletes. Currently ranked 27th, he aims to climb the ladder by strategically selecting competitions that maximize ranking points, with Götzis being a prime starting point.

The path of continuous improvement

Sven’s current personal best is tantalizingly close to the national standard—just a 1% difference. His confidence is unwavering, and while he acknowledges the elements beyond his control, his focus remains steadfast on self-improvement. At 23, Sven eyes not only Paris 2024 but also Los Angeles 2028, driven by a long-term vision of Olympic success.

Focus and Enjoyment

At Fonto, we admire Sven’s long-term perspective and extend our best wishes for his Götzis preparations. “Stay focused and relish your journey every day!”

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