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We support STM and educational publishers to engage their (external) authors in the structured authoring process. Educational publishers for example are transitioning to become suppliers of personalized learning solutions. This entails the need to be more flexible; materials can no longer be published exclusively in large fixed documents – as is the case with books – but need to be more modular to support the trend towards personalized learning. Publishing smaller pieces (e.g. topics or chunks) allows educational publishers to select and present materials based on the needs of the learner and teacher, whether it be digital or printed material.

Together with our partners we support publishers in this transition. Our intuitive authoring solutions help teachers and subject matter experts worldwide to create structured, reusable content. We often use a standard like the Question-Test Interoperability (QTI) specification, implemented as a DITA domain specialization. We also see clients with bespoke schemas who we help to offer a user friendly authoring experience.

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