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Fonto integration with LiXuid Manuscript

Aries Systems

Aries Systems transforms the way scholarly publishers bring high-value content to the world. Aries’ innovative workflow solutions manage the complexities of modern print and electronic publishing–from submission, to editorial management and peer review, to production tracking and publishing channel distribution. As the publishing environment evolves, Aries Systems is committed to delivering solutions that help publishers and scholars enhance the discovery and dissemination of human knowledge on a global scale.

Fonto and Aries Systems LiXuid Manuscript

The Fonto Editor and LiXuid integration focuses on the proof correction process, allowing authors and editors of scholarly content to edit their accepted manuscript in an intuitive, word processor-like user interface, while preserving underlying XML.

Authors are provided with a simple, fast and clean proofing process while production editors can enjoy flexibility with Fonto’s editing capabilities by inserting author queries directly within the document and simply reviewing the inline responses from the author.


  • User-friendly tool for simple editing (no XML expertise required)
  • Faster time to publication
  • Fewer rounds of edits, fewer errors
  • Content experts edit the content directly
  • XML automatically validated behind the scenes
  • Highly configurable (easily enforce journal policies)
  • Visible change/edit tracking
  • Ability to enter and answer author queries
  • All edits made to a single version of the document
  • Delights authors with a simple, clean, and fast proofing process

“Fonto’s robust configuration options give our customers total control over how the editing tool is used. Authors may be given simple formatting and text editing permissions, while production editors can have access to the entire suite of editing capabilities that allow for heavy copy editing, like inserting and editing equations, tables, figures and references.”

Tony Alves, Director of Product Management, Aries Systems

“Editorial Manager is actively deployed with 7,000+ journals and millions of registered users. Publish faster, publish smarter, with Aries Systems.”

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