Data Harmony and Fonto

Data Harmony: Improving search precision and recall by over 90%

“Data Harmony and Fonto provide a very powerful combination for analyzing, modeling, and enriching content. Leveraging the power of NLP and machine learning, Data Harmony can analyze any type of textual content to develop the appropriate taxonomic model and enrich content with semantic metadata. Fonto and Data Harmony instill discipline and structure into the modeling and management of content that ultimately provides for a better search experience.”

Marjorie MK Hlava
Founder and Chief Scientist, Access Innovations


Access Innovations

Access Innovations is a top 100 company in the knowledge management industry. Access Innovations empowers our clients to realize their search goals by leveraging our Data Harmony Suite, Data Harmony Hub, and team of semantic experts. Whether you need a taxonomy/thesaurus editor, an indexing, classification, and metadata enrichment tool, or content analysis tools to construct a semantic model, Data Harmony builds explainable AI that increases search precision by over 90% and your team’s productivity by over 7 times.


Fonto & Data Harmony

Data Harmony helps Fonto users by analyzing text content, modeling taxonomies, and automating the indexing, classification and semantic metadata enrichment of documents. A taxonomy or thesaurus can be applied during any workflow step in the publishing process, but typically Data Harmony is used post production to enrich documents with semantic metadata based on a taxonomy or taxonomies for higher search precision and recall. With Fonto providing the structured authoring environment, Data Harmony can easily ingest the XML documents for final classification, indexing and semantic enrichment of a publication.

About us

We are experts in the design and delivery of semantic solutions

Founded in 1978, Access Innovations is a women owned business and a pioneer and industry leader in making information assets easily and automatically discoverable.  Access Innovations’ major advantage is the patented, award-winning Data Harmony software, combined with the team’s technical expertise to create information discovery systems that meet unique client needs. Access Innovations has built thousands of taxonomies and controlled vocabularies through more than 2,000 client engagements.

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