DITAToo and Fonto

Fonto integration with DITAToo DITA CMS


When it comes to marketing content, customer support, technical documentation, or training, customers want to get information about your products tailored to their specific needs. If you have a variety of products, you need to make sure that you are delivering content about the product they have rather than some generic information.

However, you need a sophisticated technology that lets you personalize content cost-effectively. DITAToo is a DITA Component Content Management system that lets you create, personalize, manage, assemble, publish, and deliver marketing, sales, technical, and training product content.


Fonto Editor can be easily connected to DITAToo DITA CMS for authoring and reviewing purposes. Fonto Editor allows content contributors with a zero knowledge of XML to create and review structured content.

Working with Fonto in DITAToo DITA CMS provides you with all the advantages of a complete Editor, including Fonto Document History and Fonto Review, in combination with content automation capabilities provided by DITAToo DITA CMS.

Fonto can be customized for the needs of a specific customer or an entire industry. For example, DITAToo DITA CMS provides integration with Fonto adjusted for the aerospace industry, including an out-of-the box support for ATA2300.

“Integration with Fonto helps our customers increase the value and quality of their product content because now any content contributor – engineers, reviewers, managers, etc. – can collaborate in the content process. They can create and review structured content without having to know any details of what’s happening under the hood. This opens a lot of new possibilities for closing gaps between silos, automating processes, and reducing content-related costs.”

Alex Masycheff, DITAToo

“DITAToo DITA CMS provides integration with all popular authoring tools.”

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