EDIA and Fonto

Fonto Editor and EDIA Content Analysis


Content structuring and content enrichment are core challenges for publishers and content creators as they move into an increasingly digital and data-driven world. EDIA enables publishers and content creators to work successfully in today’s data-driven world.

EDIA’s content labeling platform aims to radically improve content production, content management and content delivery. The platform includes several turnkey content labeling solutions that can be integrated into existing content authoring and management systems. This creates a unique set of tools to enrich content in a highly efficient manner.

Fonto and Edia

The integration between EDIA’s content labeling platform and Fonto allows authors and editors to automatically extract the most relevant keywords and topics. They can also get instant feedback on the reading difficulty (CEFR) of their texts.


With these smart capabilities, publishers can:

● Easily cross-link content on related concepts
● Improve alignment between their content and target audience
● Boost overall metadata quality and consistency
● Reduce time-consuming review rounds

“Fonto is the perfect authoring tool for publishers that want to leverage EDIA’s solutions. It’s underlying structured content format is perfectly suited for automated content labeling and enrichment.”

Mark Breuker, Managing Director, EDIA

“We are on a mission to impact educational publishing by making every single word within each and every piece of educational content modular, goal-oriented and reusable using high-end A.I.”

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