Generis and Fonto

Fonto Editor integration with Generis CARA Content Services Platform


Generis is a leader in content and information management systems, specializing in proven solutions for regulated industries. Their mission is to provide industry-defining implementations that are fast and intuitive in order to bring customers an enjoyable and efficient experience that allows them to focus on their work.

Generis provides CARA, the leading content and information management platform for regulated industries. CARA is used by more than 400,000 users across industries including Life Sciences, Finance, Government, Engineering, and Utilities. Customers include 8 of the global top 10 Life Science companies. CARA is a cloud-first platform providing functionally-rich solutions for regulated business processes, including a comprehensive end-to-end platform for Life Sciences.

Fonto & Generis CARA

The Fonto integration with CARA provides structured content authoring within the CARA content services platform. This helps subject matter experts to efficiently create, edit and review mission-critical documents in highly regulated industries e.g. life sciences, financial services and aviation. Fonto and CARA help experts to use their unique skills and talents, by making ‘authoring for compliance’ extremely efficient.

CARA platform integration

This video shows the Fonto integration with CARA. It allows subject matter experts to create, edit and review content components, and maximize content reuse.  

“We are delighted that our search for the industry-leading Structured Content Authoring tool has led us to this new partnership with Fonto. Generis is continually hunting for the finest technology to offer with our CARA platform, and we are confident that Fonto will provide our customers with the ‘holy grail’ they have been hoping for.”

Max Kelleher, COO, Generis

“Generis has led innovation in content and data solutions for over 20 years. Trusted across regulated industries, Generis provides content management solutions and services globally, to help you streamline your processes and reduce costs while improving efficiency.”

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