Graphifi and Fonto

Fonto Editor implementation and integration


The mission of Graphifi is to make using knowledge graphs, semantics and structured authoring easy. Graphifi is an independent consultant and integrator of Fonto, with expertise in the integration of semantic data management and structured content into authoring workflows and systems.

Graphifi provides Graphologi, taxonomy and ontology management as a standards compliant managed service, and EasyGraph, a platform for managing and delivering metadata through APIs.

Fonto and Graphifi

The combination of Fonto for authoring along with the use of Graphologi and EasyGraph for managing and delivering metadata provides a powerful combination of capabilities for use in content systems. Graphifi can provide end-to-end services for building systems based around Fonto and our applications, including integration with systems such as MarkLogic.

“I have worked with various structured authoring tools over many years and I can safely say that Fonto is the most powerful, flexible and easy to use of any that I have used, from both an integration and an authoring perspective. I would not hesitate to recommend Fonto as the choice for authoring.”

Paul Appleby, Director, Graphifi

“Knowledge graphs made easy”

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