Hoprr and Fonto

“With Hoprr, we ensure the durability and accuracy of links in content, whether online or in print. Our partnership with Fonto enhances this commitment, providing seamless integration to empower content creators with reliable, everlasting links.”

Luc Van genechten
Solutions Manager


Hoprr is an innovative app designed to simplify your link management:

Users can create Hoprr links, ensuring that their content remains accessible and up to date.
Hoprr transforms links within your content into permanent links, allowing you to modify target links without altering corresponding links on web pages, e-books, or printed books This way your readers or users are consistently directed to accurate information, free from broken links.

We acknowledge the importance of monitoring the quality of external links within your content.
By validating automatically and regularly, Hoprr ensures the durability and quality of your links.
By connecting to content creation, management, and publishing tools, users can effortlessly manage all broken links from a centralized dashboard.


Hoprr seamlessly integrates with Fonto to enhance the link management experience for content creators.
As users write content in Fonto, all created hyperlinks are automatically transformed into permanent Hoprr links.

This integration ensures:

  • users benefit from Hoprr’s features without any additional effort.
  • content creators can focus on their writing, knowing that their links are reliable.
  • readers are always directed to the right information, and never encounter broken or faulty links.

Hoprr is a product of Crius Group, a leader in content creation, management, and publishing solutions. As a subsidiary brand of Crius Group, Hoprr benefits from the expertise and innovation that Crius Group is known for.

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