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Founded in 1999, digital agency Liones developed the first version of Fonto Editor back in 2011. Aligned with the fast expansion of the Fonto user base since 2014, Liones has pivoted from an all-round digital agency to the Fonto service partner it is today. Liones is a sister company of Fonto Group. 

What we do


It is very hard to deliver an intuitive authoring experience, especially when it comes to structured content authoring. We help our customers and partners to do just that: create intuitive authoring experiences so intelligent content can be created by anyone.

Fonto implementation, guidance & support

As a trusted implementation partner, we will help you smoothen your content creation process and ensure that Fonto is implemented and fine-tuned to your business needs. Our team of specialists will make the transition to Fonto smooth and rewarding.


Sharing our expertise and product knowledge with partners and customers is what we do on a daily basis. Our consultants support developers and content engineers worldwide in getting the most out of Fonto.

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Polakweg 7
2288 GG
The Hague (Rijswijk)
The Netherlands
+31 70 319 19 23

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