M-Files and Fonto

Fonto Editor integration into M-Files Document Management System


Focused on information management. Passionate about productivity.

M-Files intelligent information management solutions are disrupting the ECM market, recently renamed Content Services Platforms by Gartner, with a fundamentally new and unique approach that eliminates information silos by providing quick and easy access to the right data and content from any business system and device.

Fonto & M-Files

The combination of M-Files Intelligent Information Management Platform with Fonto Editor brings in the perfect combination for structured documentation needs, allowing you to automate document generation and update.

It is relevant to various sectors, including Financial Services, Engineering and Manufacturing, as well as to any company offering a large set of products or services. Benefits include massive savings in time for producing and updating documents, outdated documentation removal and the highest consistency achievement.

M-Files integration

Fonto Editor fits perfectly in a tab of M-Files User Interface. When selecting an M-Files object corresponding to an XML structured document, this tab automatically appears. Users can read and edit the document, based on their permissions.

The document is automatically read from M-Files and saved to M-Files. Relationships between a given document and referred components are automatically discovered by M-Files, and they appear in M-Files as formal relationships. This enables impact propagation analysis in case of change; M-Files workflows are then here to drive the propagation, which can involve as many validations across the organization as required.

“Focused on information management. Passionate about productivity.
M-Files and FontoXML are the perfect combination to bring document automation to your daily activities.”

Malo Jennequin, Presales and Solution Director, M-Files

“Focused on information management. Passionate about productivity.”

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