Progress MarkLogic and Fonto

Fonto Editor integration with Progress MarkLogic

Progress MarkLogic

The Progress MarkLogic Data Hub Platform is a unified data platform that brings all of your multi-structured data together and curates it for both transactional and analytical purposes. The Data Hub works by ingesting data as-is from any source, indexing it for immediate query and search, and curating it through a process of harmonization, mastering, and enrichment. The Data Hub is powered by the Progress MarkLogic Multi-Model Database, a modern NoSQL database with flexibility and scalability that also meets enterprise requirements for security and transactional consistency.

Progress MarkLogic named the sole visionary in Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics.

Fonto & Progress MarkLogic

Fonto is an XML editor that can be easily connected to the Progress MarkLogic Data Hub Platform. These connections are based on the WebDAV protocol. The Fonto WebDAV Connector implements IETF RFC 4918 for both non-locking and exclusive write-locking.

Progress MarkLogic has been a Fonto partner since 2014. In several projects, data is stored in the Progress MarkLogic Data Hub Platform and edited within Fonto Editor. Read the case study of this integration for a leading medical technology company.

Fonto integration with Progress MarkLogic

This video shows the Fonto Editor integration with the Progess MarkLogic Data Hub.

How to integrate Fonto with Progress MarkLogic? This requires the Fonto Connector for WebDAV. See the documentation or try it yourself with a WebDAV connection within our Fonto DITA Demo Editor.

“Fonto’s powerful yet simple to use authoring tool is the perfect complement to Progress MarkLogic’s agile data integration approach and gold standard XML storage – it’s a great combination that’s loved by our customers in publishing and beyond.”

James Wonder, Customer Success Director, Progress MarkLogic

By simplifying data integration, Progress MarkLogic helps organizations gain agility, lower IT costs, and safely share their data.

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