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Tridion Docs

Evolve into an intelligent and connected enterprise. Get the right information to the right people at the right time and improve, both employee productivity and customer experience, with Tridion Docs. Enrich your information with the right metadata and classification information, such as taxonomy terms, while building department-wide knowledge hubs—with enterprise-wide structured authoring and collaboration using the DITA standards. Step up your digital transformation initiatives with intelligent content so you can achieve operational and competitive excellence.

Tridion Docs 14 is named the Industry’s #1 Component Content Management System by Ars logica.

Fonto & Tridion Docs

Tridion Docs streamlines structured content authoring, reviews and centralized collaboration in an intuitive interface, based on the Fonto product suite. Authoring, review and approval processes are critical for many forms of business content. Rules, policies, procedures, corporate and regulatory compliance, regulatory industry content, R&D information and product documentation often involve authoring and reviews from company-wide subject matter experts (SMEs). Tridion Docs changes how global organizations engage their SMEs using Collective Spaces. It provides authors and reviewers alike a simplified approach to traditionally high overhead, error-prone reviews – typically entailing many emails, multiple versions of marked-up files, and labor-intensive copy-paste actions. 

Tridion Docs Collective Spaces environment

Collective Spaces provides an easy-to-use interface to create, edit and review corporate content. Collective Spaces comprises of:

  • An easy-to-use browser-based editor.
  • Synchronized commenting and threaded conversations for unified collaboration.
  • A simplified view for reviewers to access all assigned projects from a single interface.
  • Advanced change tracking for information governance.
  • Workflow and review status tracking.

Collective Spaces ensures you get all of the benefits of a structured content approach to authoring and managing content while eliminating the need for your contributors to understand and use the underlying XML directly.

“RWS and Fonto have built a long-lasting strategic collaboration to leverage our collective strengths. Together, we are changing how organizations create high-value, intelligent content. Fonto’s rich experience in intuitive authoring platforms helps us bring the true value of Tridion Docs to subject matter experts (SMEs) in accounting, engineering, and many other fields; these are experts in their respective domains, not in the technicalities of XML-based content. Collective Spaces environment lets them easily author and review this critical content, readying it for end user consumption from our highly scalable, searchable, omnichannel delivery platform.”

Christopher Chrcek, Vice President of Content Technologies, RWS PLC

“RWS can not only help overcome the content creation challenge with its Linguistic Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Translation and Content Management Technology, but it can bridge the gaps between departments to drive continuous, holistic experiences with content that is localized, personalized and highly relevant across the entire customer journey. “

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