SiteFusion ProConsult and Fonto

“Our best-of-breed publishing technology solution suite requires an authoring interface that is simple and intuitive for content creators to use while still providing complex structured markup behind the scenes.  The seamless integration and configurability of Fonto provides our customers an amazing authoring experience as part of their full content management experience.”

Jeff Wood
President, SiteFusion ProConsult


SiteFusion ProConsult

SiteFusion ProConsult, LLC is a North American joint venture of two long-standing European publishing technology partners, SiteFusion and EBCONT proconsult. Both companies have over 20 years’ experience combining enterprise application development & implementation in Europe. SiteFusion ProConsult provides cutting-edge content management and publishing solutions and services to the United States and Canada.


Fonto & SiteFusion ProConsult

Fonto is integrated into SiteFusion in two different solutions: on the one hand in the SiteFusion Backend, the CMS for power users with technical know-how. They use Fonto primarily to structure and review content. On the other hand, Fonto is integrated into the SiteFusion Portal, the frontend for external users like authors. For them, Fonto is the editor to create content in a very easy and comfortable way, without technical experience or even knowing the XML structure behind the text. In both environments, we focus on a consistent integration of Fonto in SiteFusion to ensure the best possible user experience.

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