Sollan and Fonto

Fonto Editor implementation and integration


Sollan is a French company providing consultancy and integrated solutions on strategic content management, to improve productivity and process performance. We drive projects involving complex content authoring, collaborative platforms, key processes automation, lifecycle management, master data management, and access to key business information. #ECM #RPA #ElectronicSignature #DAM #DigitalWorkplace #Dematerialization

Fonto and Sollan

We integrate the Fonto Editor in our projects to help our customer author modular content and make it available on multiple media in a streamlined fashion. We provide this kind of solutions in Publishing, Industry, Legal, etc.

Fonto is our preferred XML authoring solution thanks to its seamless integration with content management solutions, its ease of use, and its adaptability to business specifics.


  • Excellent integration of Fonto in content management systems
  • Ease of use for users that do not know about XML
  • Elegant handling of modular authoring
  • Adaptability to specific business features, with no sacrifice to user interface

“Fonto offers the easiest way for final users to use the power of XML structured authoring without the complexity and the learning curve usually associated to it.”

Paul Terray, Sollan Consulting Manager

“Structure the unstructured”

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