Tangelo and Fonto

Fonto integration with the Tangelo platform


First launched as a multi-channel publishing platform in 2004, Tangelo evolved into a powerful annual reporting solution by 2011. It was around that time that co-founder Erwin Groenendal crystallized the company’s mission: to make life easier with a better way to produce corporate reports in-house.

Since then, Tangelo has rapidly expanded from a solution for leading Dutch companies to a platform for enterprises and organizations across the world. With operations in The Netherlands, New York, and Sydney, Tangelo serves clients in Western Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific.

Fonto & Tangelo

Just like many other OEM partners, Tangelo has integrated the Fonto white label version into its platform. Authors do not have to switch between applications to get the job done. It all happens in the Tangelo look-and-feel.

Tangelo’s single source framework puts collaboration front and center. On the platform, users can assign tasks, freeze drafts, track and review changes and effectively reuse content. This way, teams stay on the same page throughout the entire content creation and review process. And all this without accepting low levels of security due to emailing drafts and revisions. And no more manually updating data points, either. Instead, users can sync Excel files to automatically update figures across reports.

Tangelo integration

In an industry where accuracy, traceability, and auditability are critical, the capabilities of Fonto Document History are indispensable. It provides authors as well as auditors an intuitive way to show each and every change in a document. No matter how large and complex the document is, Fonto Document History identifies not only textual, but also structural and attribute changes.

Read also the case study on creating fully compliant annual reports with the Fonto Editor integrated into the Tangelo platform.

“We’re getting very good feedback on the Editor experience in Tangelo 5:

  • “Intuitive”
  • “Very precise”
  • “Very clean workspace”
  • “More productive”
  • “Like the ‘what you see, is what you mean approach’”

Erwin Groenendal, Co-founder and Product Evangelist, Tangelo Software

“We empower companies with a smarter, simpler way to create well-designed docs—from annual reports to proxy statements and beyond. Intuitive, cloud-based, and secure, our platform streamlines the reporting process while giving you greater control. Supporting the latest trends in effective shareholder communication, Tangelo makes it easy for you to comply with regulations, engage your audience, and create stunning reports.”

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