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Intuitive web-based XML authoring

FontoXML Editor


Real-time validation

Whether you create, edit or review content, it is validated realtime. You can only create valid XML content, compliant with the XML schema (e.g. DITA, JATS, etc.) in use. For example, buttons that trigger commands that cannot be applied on the current cursor position or selection, will be disabled. This prevents the author from ever having to deal with invalid content.


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Copying and pasting

Authors can cut, copy and paste content from Word, PDF or HTML, using the familiar keyboard shortcuts. When pasting in Fonto, the text on the clipboard is inserted, keeping paragraphs and line breaks where we can recognize them from the source format. For content copied and pasted within Fonto, the XML markup is preserved as far as it’s valid at the target location.

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Easy integration

FontoXML’s open architecture makes integration with existing digital asset management systems, (enterprise) content management systems and repositories a matter of adapting our JavaScript to your needs. Following standards such as CMIS, or communicating with APIs or web-services, FontoXML will easily fit into any external system.

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Check spelling

FontoXML suggests corrections for unrecognized words in 90+ different languages.

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FontoXML provides authors a clear and user friendly interface to manage metadata on a fine grained level.

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Authors can work with documents in left-to-right writing systems. The language used in the interface of the editor is US English.

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Non-textual content

Authors can insert images, audio and video in any file format that can be rendered by the browser. For editing and rendering MathML content we incorporate a third party MathML editor. Other kinds of assets can be integrated in ways that do not rely on browser capabilities.

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Tracking changes

We keep track of textual changes for each document separately. Every addition or deletion is stored in the document as an XML processing instruction (PI) and contains a timestamp and an identifier for the author as provided by the CMS. Adjacent or overlapping changes are merged where relevant. Authors may accept or reject these changes, which commits the change to the document and removes the associated PI from the document.

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Annotating your documents

Authors can annotate a fragment of text with a comment. Every annotation is stored in the document as an XML processing instruction (PI) and contains a timestamp and the id of the author as provided by the CMS. Authors may edit or delete their comments, which modifies or removes the associated PI from the document.

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FontoXML uses the UTF-8 character encoding. Authors can insert Unicode characters through an ‘Insert special character’ dialog. We combine custom and client typefaces to correctly render most characters and Unicode features.

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Working with multiple documents

For schemas that define document sets (e.g. DITA maps), FontoXML provides commands to add or remove documents to and from a collection, changing the order of documents within a collection, as well as changing their level within the hierarchy.

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Linking to taxonomies

To let an author refer to terms in a predefined taxonomy, an API offers an endpoint to retrieve suggested terms that autocomplete the author’s request.

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Linking to external resources

We make it easy for authors to link to external resources. Under the hood FontoXML requests a permanent ID for each document or asset to make sure references are properly managed.



Graphical interactions

For users that want to play around with graphical interactions, we’ve got the tools to do so. Create your own heat maps or graphical question types. It’s all there.

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