The Future of Documents

Forrester® report: ‘The future of documents’

Documents will be designed for their audiences, not their authors

Despite more than 30 years of mainstream use of office authoring tools, not much has changed. Increasingly, enterprises deliver documents to customers in forms that aren’t fit for purpose. The next decade will reveal new cloud-native, data-driven, and structured approaches to document authoring — and enterprises must get ready now.

Key takeaways:

  • Documents are ready for their own digital disruption
  • Adjacent markets are sources of inspiration
  • Traditional ECM Systems aren’t architected for the future of documents

At Fonto we believe that the Future of Documents is shaped by a fundamental change in how information is shared and agreements are secured. This future sees a shift from traditional ‘e-paper’, formatted and optimized for reading by humans, towards semantically tagged information in an open digital format. We’re moving from documents to data.

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