Convert & Import

Convert & Import

You’d be amazed

What you can do with

your legacy content

Turn your content into well structured documents

There’s a world of opportunity when it comes to your legacy content: PDF, Word or whatever format. With the FontoXML Convert & Import App we’ll automatically turn your content into well structured and validated (XML) documents. It won’t be a 100% clean conversion the first time, so we provide subject matter experts with an intuitive tool that lets them make it a 100% fit. 

Keep on using Word

In other words: we’ll automate the bulk conversion, mostly from Word, and let the authors i.e. experts do the fine tuning based on their subject matter knowledge. If desired, authors can keep on using Word, only to make a conversion to XML at the last stage of the authoring process.

All that, still, super intuitive and without any knowledge of XML whatsoever.