Fonto 6.2.1

Fonto 6.2.1

Resolved issues

  1. The latest release of the node-sass library (3.5.1) contains an issue which makes it incompatible with the FontoXML platform stylesheets. This release forces the older 3.4.2 version to be used instead. For other FontoXML releases, manually run npm install node-sass@3.4.2 as a workaround.
  2. Due to a regression in 6.2.0, moving the cursor away from temporary whitespace between elements failed to remove that whitespace. This has been resolved.

New functionality

  1. If the CMS returns a 403 or 404 status code when attempting to save a document, this error is now considered unrecoverable and Fonto will no longer retry the save. If saving completes with any unrecoverable errors, Fonto will show the error page. The document-save-permanent-error-codes configuration value can be used to modify the status codes considered to be unrecoverable errors. Additionally, the document-save-retry-max-attempts configuration value can be used to limit the amount of retries before an error is considered to be unrecoverable.
  2. To facilitate debugging of CMS implementations, the request timeout can now be disabled or changed by setting the “requestTimeoutInSeconds” property in the scope object passed to FontoXML.

Other improvements

  1. Working in documents with lots of changes and/or comments while the review panel is open is much more responsive now. Additionally, opening the panel is much faster.
  2. Various performance improvements.

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