Fonto 8.1 Announcement

Fonto 8.1 Announcement

For the upcoming 8.1 release, we’ve made organizational changes to align our teams with our roadmap as shared last week. We are taking our time to make these changes meaning, 8.1 is mostly a polishing release to make smaller improvements across a lot of areas. However, we also managed to squeeze in a few new features.

We’ve gathered first-hand feedback from our users and partners on the Fonto 8.0 release. Not only that, we’re addressing that feedback as part of Fonto 8.1. Several enhancements will be made to the outline. The same goes for the Balloon interface; for example, we’re adding keyboard shortcuts to create comments and change proposals. In the area of TypeScript and SDK, we’ll continue to improve the typing of our API surface.

We’re also making improvements to our table user experience, including copy & pasting cells to other tables and increasing the visual density of tables, so less scrolling is required in larger tables. And various other quality of life improvements.

We’re starting the development of seeing the history of large documents. This feature enables users to see where changes are in a large document and navigate to them easily. This feature works for chunked documents, like DITA maps for example, including JIT compatibility. We’ll test our ideas first before making them available to all our partners and customers.

Another improvement is the upgrade to Font Awesome 6, the icon library used in the Fonto platform. Font Awesome 6 contains more than 7,000 new icons, so our partners are sure to find what they need for their project.

The development for the upcoming 8.1 release started on April 4. We expect to ship our 8.1 release on June 23, so stay tuned!

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