Join the conversation: Fonto’s new research panel

Join the conversation: Fonto’s new research panel

At Fonto, we’re thrilled to introduce our dynamic research panel, inviting you to join us in shaping the future of structured content authoring. Through this initiative, we’re dedicated to harnessing diverse perspectives and promoting transparency to drive positive change in the field. Our mission is clear: to generate actionable insights, foster collaboration, and champion inclusion—all to simplify the process for anyone involved in writing or reviewing documentation.

Who can participate?

We warmly welcome all, from executives to junior associates and freelancers. Your firsthand experiences and insights are invaluable in shaping the future of document authoring. Whether you’re a seasoned expert in writing documentation or someone eager to delve deeper into the subject of structured content, we encourage you to join our panel. Your fresh perspectives and innovative ideas are crucial in challenging conventional thinking and influencing positive change.

Why join?

As a panel member, you’ll have a platform to voice your opinions on issues that resonate with you and your peers and the opportunity to showcase your hands-on expertise. Moreover, you’ll collaborate with industry professionals and gain access to cutting-edge industry trends. Together, we can drive tangible progress in the industry through meaningful discussions and collective action. Let’s build a vibrant community of innovators dedicated to making document authoring easier for everyone.

What to expect when joining Fonto’s research panel

At Fonto, we employ various methods to gather insights from our panel members. From surveys and interviews to focus groups and observational studies, each method is meticulously selected based on objectives and the information we seek. For each activity, efforts are made to ensure a diverse and representative sample of participants from various sectors, job roles, and geographic regions.

However, we understand that your time is valuable. If you’re too busy to participate, there’s no obligation to respond, and we won’t spam you with invitations.

A remote focus group session

When you receive an email invitation to join a focus group to enhance a specific workflow, you’ll be part of a select group where each participant brings unique experiences and perspectives. Under our guidance, participants will rigorously examine a prototype of a forthcoming feature. Dynamic conversations will unfold as participants exchange insights and perspectives. As the session concludes, the collective feedback will guide us as we continue to design a product defined by innovation and user-centricity.

A remote interview

Alternatively, we may opt for a one-on-one interview to delve deeper into your unique workflow for a specific task. During these friendly chats, we’ll listen attentively, however, we’re ready to go ‘off-script’ if you wish to share something of higher importance to you.

A digital survey

For those occasions when we need to gather a multitude of insights quickly, we may invite you to participate in a survey. Upon receiving a link in your email, you’ll have the option to access the questionnaire and share your thoughts. Your responses will play a vital role in informing the design and development of our products. We’ll keep you updated on our progress and may reach out for additional feedback as we refine the feature.

How to get involved?

Joining our research panel at Fonto is simple. Signing up on our website takes just a few minutes. Then watch your mailbox for invitations to participate in surveys, focus groups, interviews, and other research activities. Do you have ideas for enhancing our research panel or suggestions for future research topics? We’d love to hear from you! Your feedback and ideas can help us refine our panel and make it more impactful. Spread the word among your colleagues, friends, and professional networks. The more diverse perspectives we gather, the richer our insights will be.

Ready to make your mark?

Join Fonto’s Research Panel today and become part of a dynamic community of innovators. Together, let’s unlock new insights and make a real impact on the world of structured content authoring. Sign up now and embark on this exciting journey with us!

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