Preparing for Götzis: a glimpse into the journey of Sven Roosen

Preparing for Götzis: a glimpse into the journey of Sven Roosen

As the proud partner of the promising decathlete Sven Roosen, we at Fonto are excited to share a glimpse into his preparations for the Olympic season. Currently stationed in Stellenbosch, South Africa, Sven is rigorously training for the upcoming competition in Götzis, now just one and a half months away. “Training in Africa is going well,” Sven shares. “I’m fine-tuning the details. I’ve participated in a few indoor events, making significant progress in sprints and shot put. The technical events are starting to click, and I’m growing stronger.”

Upcoming events and competitions

Sven is eagerly anticipating a mini decathlon on May 4 in Germany, where he will compete against the top eight German decathletes, six to seven of whom score above 8000 points. He will also participate in the Harry Schulting Games on May 9 and the Ter Specke Trophy on May 11 in Lisse. “These competitions are crucial for testing my competitive sharpness,” he explains.

Focus on the Olympic Games

With an eye towards Paris, Sven has set the national minimum of 8260 points as his goal. “My primary focus is on qualifying,” he states. “I’m acutely aware that in decathlon, everything needs to align perfectly. Only then will I start thinking about Paris. It’s definitely on my mind, but I remain realistic. Olympic years bring extra pressure, but I am confident in my abilities.”

Competition and team dynamics

Asked whether he’s more aware of his competitors’ performances, Sven mentions that he is currently training alongside all the decathletes in South Africa. “We motivate each other towards realistic goals. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, which creates opportunities for healthy competition. A new member joined our group in September, bringing a fresh dynamic,” he adds.

Chances and goals

Sven views his chances as realistic. “If everything falls into place, then achieving 8260 points is within reach. I feel it’s possible, especially since I’ve already made good strides in individual events.” He also emphasizes the importance of his performance in Götzis for his follow-up program. Although already qualified for the European Championships, participating in the Dutch Championships would be most beneficial for extra ranking points.

Motivation and audience

Finally, regarding the pressure and expectations in Götzis, Sven remarks, “You know it has to happen there. Ultimately, I need to do the same as I do in training or a smaller competition. The fact that more is at stake should give me extra energy to perform at my best, especially with the crowd cheering for me!”

The Fonto team wishes Sven the utmost success as he heads to Götzis, hoping he secures his qualification for Paris. Go Sven!!!

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