Release 7.14

Release 7.14: Looking hot

It’s the first release of the new year, and we’re starting off with a bang. We’ve breathed new life into one of our earliest products: Fonto Content Quality. This entails a complete redesign and many new features, guaranteed to improve the user experience considerably. If you’re not yet familiar with Fonto Content Quality, it is an integration for Fonto Editor that assists authors in writing high-quality content. Read more about what it can do here

Some other remarkable product improvements in 7.14 include a built-in keyboard shortcut overview, the ability to configure custom notifications, and an API to update the results of XPaths on changes that are not in the XML.

Fonto Content Quality

This entire release we’ve worked on a major overhaul of Fonto Content Quality. This comes with a tonne of usability improvements: Navigating through the annotations is faster; they’re a lot closer to the content and you’re able to keep your outline open alongside it. Importantly, the improved design is also compatible with any size of the document. 

We also added filtering, which means you can toggle the visibility of annotations based on type as well as on location. This way users are able to focus on the annotations that are relevant to them and process them without any distractions.

Additionally, we now ship a spell checker out-of-the-box with Fonto Content Quality. This spell checker can be configured with Hunspell dictionaries and custom word lists, including the ability to ignore certain terms.

Fonto Editor

Shortcuts overview
We’ve added a new built-in feature to Fonto Editor that lets users view all the configured keyboard shortcuts in their editor. This includes all operations that have a label and a shortcut configured, including out-of-the-box and custom configured operations.

Recently used symbols
To increase the efficiency of working with symbols, we’ve added a component to display the most recently used symbols. The component works well in any toolbar drop-down or submenu. This will make it a lot easier to quickly insert relevant symbols without having to open the modal.

Custom notifications
A while back we introduced the notification center, the perfect place to provide system feedback to users. This release, we’ve added a new API that lets customers add custom notifications for any purpose they see fit. Think of notifications to alert the user when an add-on has a suggestion or when an operation is done processing. Read more about configuring custom notifications here

Improved accessibility of read-only content
We’ve increased the readability of read-only content, which includes locked and out-of-sync documents and reused content. Additionally, we now display a reused indicator on documents with sheet frame headers and a way to quickly jump to the next or previous occurrence of that document.

Custom XPath function invalidation API.
Frequently requested by our partners is the ability to control rendering based on external data, such as data from the CMS or metadata. This release we’re adding an API that lets you invalidate XPath queries to do just that.

Content inclusion resolving in title queries
Included content, like XInclude and DITA Conref, is a valuable feature that lets users reuse content dynamically and see it as part of their content. We’ve always shown these in the content view, but this release we’re introducing the ability to also display them in the outline, as well as other places.

Deprecated APIs

The 7.14 release means that these APIs are deprecated, and they will be removed in 7.16. Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Deprecated browser support

Microsoft ended support for Microsoft Edge 44, sometimes also known as Edge Legacy, on March 9th 2021. In the April update, any Windows 10 systems will automatically update to the more recent version of Edge which is based on Chromium. For older Windows systems Edge Legacy was not available. Read more about Microsoft’s announcements around Edge Legacy here.

Starting from 7.14.0, we’ll only address critical issues in Legacy Edge. Our recommendation is to migrate your user base to the Chromium-based version of Edge or to any other compatible browser. From 7.16.0 onward, we’ll no longer support Edge Legacy. If this causes a problem, please reach out to us to discuss options.

In our next release

In our next release we’ll be working on improvements to node statuses, enabling you to display multiple statuses on one item. To efficiently filter your outline, you’ll be able to group those statuses together in the filter form. 

Additionally, we’ll be working on a way to exclude certain attribute changes in Fonto Document History, which can be used to show only relevant attributes to the end-user/author.

We’ll also be shipping an easy way to navigate to and from Fonto Document History from the Review route. This improvement will lay the foundation for a bigger project to fully integrate Fonto Document History in Fonto Review. The project will be spanning over the next couple of releases and is going to bring about a lot of exciting improvements changing the way users work with Fonto. 

Please refer to your implementation partner for further information on how to acquire release 7.14 for your instance of Fonto. For more details on anything mentioned above, other new features, improvements, and bug fixes, please read the release notes.

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