Revamping Fonto Document History

Revamping Fonto Document History

Fonto Document History is one of our first separate add-ons that we built, and so we hold it dear to our hearts. To keep up with the ever-evolving UI in Fonto, we’ve made some tweaks, which will, in turn, result in a more seamless integration of Fonto Document History with our other products.

What is Fonto Document History?

Fonto Document History is a separate add-on that provides an in-depth analysis of changes that have been made to the document over time. With Fonto Document History, you can compare versions of the document over time. It provides you with the perfect audit trail to find out who did what and when did it happen. The most intuitive and effective way to identify and manage changes or edits in XML documents.

Interface optimization

Fonto Document History will be restyled to use similar concepts as Fonto Editor and Fonto Review. The big blue revision selector that came sliding out of the masthead will be moved to a sidebar tab, which allows for easier access to quickly jump between revisions. The representation of revisions will also change, so it matches our design system.

As mentioned in the Balloons for a richer collaboration in Fonto blog post, we’re moving all card lists in Fonto to the Balloon UI components. This will also happen to the list of changes in Fonto Document History, increasing the consistency and making it possible to see the revision selector and the detailed changes simultaneously. To still allow for easy navigation through changes, we’re also bringing the Navigator concept to Fonto Document History. This component will contain the arrows to jump to the previous or next change, as well as the functionality to toggle the visibility of changes marked as “seen”.

How to start using the improved interface

All in all, Fonto Document History will look more like our other products. This should make the jump between these products smaller and easier to understand for end-users. Along with the refreshed UI, we bring Fonto Document History up to the standards we hold for Fonto! Although these changes sound big, there are no changes in the communication with the CMS. Just upgrading to Fonto 8.0 is enough to benefit from the new feature set.

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