Sven Roosen: “A Journey of Continuous Improvement and Unyielding Ambition”

Sven Roosen: “A Journey of Continuous Improvement and Unyielding Ambition”

As the outdoor season takes flight, one athlete stands out with an unwavering determination to push his limits and surpass expectations. Sven Roosen, a rising star in the world of athletics, has embarked on a relentless pursuit of excellence, leaving no stone unturned in his quest for success. From thrilling victories to calculated choices, Roosen’s journey reflects the essence of continuous improvement and an unquenchable thirst for personal growth.

In this interview, we delve into Roosen’s strategic approach to competition, his upcoming challenges, and how his mindset mirrors the relentless drive for progress. Join us as we unravel the story of Sven Roosen, an athlete destined for greatness, and discover the parallels between his journey and the pursuit of excellence at Fonto, where progress is a way of life. With Götzis on the horizon, the stage is set for Roosen to showcase his mettle and ignite the flame of victory once again.

Outdoor season 2023

The outdoor season has started for Sven. His first outdoor competition was two weeks ago, when he attempted the discuss and hammer throw event and the Swedish relay, where he ran the 100 m. Last week, it was time for the Ter Specke Bokaal in Lisse, where Sven ran a 400 m and a 110 m hurdles, which he won. At the Harry Schulting Games on Ascension Day, Sven won the 100 m sprint and participated in the pole jumping and long jumping.

We talked to Sven about making choices, to peak at the right time: “These games are designed to test the lessons from the training sessions and to get speeding incentives. Warm up and get the rust off.” Within these competitions, he competes with the calibrated Dutch summit on the various parts. As a decathlete you often have to take on the specialists, but on the other hand, this offers the room to improve yourself. These competitions don’t earn Sven points for his ranking as a decathlete. Yet it is a conscious choice to appear here at the start. The competition in Lisse, for example, is highly connected, with international high ranked athletes appearing at the start. This helps Sven raise the bar for himself as well. By including some sprints and technical parts in the preparations, Sven hopes to appear even better at the start of the first decathlon of the season.

Götzis and the European Championship U23

The individual parts are all dedicated to shredding and further improving technology. The lake camp in Götzis is the usual opening game for Sven. The first major test in which all loose parts must be finished one after the other. But once again focused on tightening up the various components and making sure that they also run well in multi-camp form. The main goal for this year is the European Championship U23, in July. And this is an intermediate step towards qualifying for the Olympic Games in Paris.

The goal in Götzis is, therefore, not to achieve a podium place, but to gain a match rhythm and gather input towards the European Championship U23: ‘To see if the techniques learned work during the competition. Whether this still feels ‘familiar’ under competition pressure” and then evaluate the game together with the coach and tighten up technique where necessary. Learning lessons from previous competitions, Sven is very realistic. Despite the clear ambition he expresses towards the Olympic Games, he considers these games primarily as moments to learn. Even if it doesn’t work. Still, see what lesson can be drawn from this, so that next time it will succeed. Both physically and mentally. In the end, every experience is one that can help you do it better or differently next time.

“I am still young and confident that I can take a few more steps. I haven’t reached a summit yet. As a decathlete, you continue to learn from your own development, your own progression. But also when you get injured, for example, and how you recover from it. And perhaps more importantly, how you deal with it mentally.”

Continuous improvement at Fonto

At Fonto, we are as ambitious as Sven and we are also progressively moving towards our goals. Product development with quarterly release, adding major and minor improvements to the software. But also by continuing to talk with customers and the market to ensure that the next steps are also in line with the needs of the market.

And like Sven, we also evaluate our way of working and the role that everyone takes within the organization. On the one hand within the retrospective at the end of each sprint, on the other hand also in the daily huddles. And we have the luxury, that like Sven, we can also use the coaches of TalentEmpowerment.

We wish Sven every success in Götzis this weekend! Go get them, Sven!

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