Using Conflict-free Replicated Data Types to support Block Editing

Research results have been published in the International Journal of Research Publications

To create the most user-friendly online XML editor, we do a lot of research. User experience interviews, but also research on futuristic features and technical challenges. This research is done by our engineers, but also supported by talented students from the Delft Technical University and The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Online collaboration

Great documents are made by multiple authors! One of the challenges we face is letting multiple authors collaborate in the same document at the same time. In general cases, this problem has been researched a lot. From this research, data structures like a CRDT have come forth: they allow multiple authors to edit text at the same time. At Fonto, we are not working with simple text, but we also add semantics by authoring XML. We are actively researching this problem space, and we are presenting our proceedings in this paper. 

Read the full publication on the International Journal of Research Publications website.

Will your research be our next publication?

At Fonto, we have several open positions for talented students. Both internships and graduation assignments are available. Want to join our team and contribute to the future of documents? See all the open positions on our website

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