Proof for Authors

Prospects want to know what they’re buying. They want to be sure that the software they’re interested in, will actually do the job to be done. So we’ve developed the FontoXML Sandbox in which you can play around on request. If you’re really serious about it, we’ll even set up a ‘private sandbox’ using your …

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Closing the Loop: Bringing more “web” into authoring

Jan Benedictus and Wim Hooghwinkel (iDTP) will talk about ‘bringing more web into authoring’ at Content Management Strategies / DITA North America 2014 in Seattle, April 28–30. Presentation abstract Web-based working (including mobile) is increasingly gaining ground, with web apps and cloud services such as Office 365 and Google Drive leading the way. Also authoring …

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Fonto 8.0 WebinarApril 13, 6.30 pm CET / 11.30 am CST

Providing you with insights from our team and a QA session.

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