“As a user I can easily manage metadata” (6/27)

“As a user I can easily manage metadata” (6/27)

As a user I can easily manage metadata is the 6th of 27 requirements that we studied as part of our benchmark on XML editors.
This is an important requirement for many reasons. One of which; when content needs to be personalized, metadata need to be in order.

Managing metadata

The average rating on ‘managing metadata’ was 2.3 out of 5, leaving plenty of room for improvement. Some of the applications we studied stuff all metadata and document properties on a separate screen. Others try to integrate it in the presentation of the document itself. Either way, metadata are often hidden or not in a place where an author would expect. The application offering the best solution for this user need was XMetal, combining both techniques.

Contextual copy

FontoXML also takes the best of both worlds, by keeping metadata together in a place (panel) close to the document, and where applicable as a two-way contextual copy. This enables anyone to find it in the expected place, but also makes it a part of the document so it can be read and updated as such. FontoXML engages authors to manage metadata in an intuitive and rewarding way.

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