Benchmark study on XML editors

Benchmark study on XML editors

In our quest to make FontoXML the most user-friendly web-based XML editor available, we are conducting a benchmark study on (XML) editors*. Our study includes XML editors, DITA editors as well as more conventional editors such as Word and Google Docs. The latter two are included because they set the standard of what typical non-technical users (subject matter experts) expect from an editor.

XML editors comparison

We have compared the editors by rating them on a scale from 1 to 5.So far, we’ve used 27 user requirements to conduct the benchmark.

For example:“As a writer or editor I can easily edit the metadata of a document.”

  1. = yes, but it’s very hard
  2. = yes, getting close
  3. = what’s expected, nothing fancy
  4. = smart tooling, works fine
  5. = the best

We’ll discuss the 27 requirements, and the outcomes of our benchmark, one by one. Each time telling you what we think it means for FontoXML. Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

* (XML) editors included in our study: oXygen, Xopus, xeditor, XMetal, EasyDita, MS Word and Google Docs.

Requirement 1/27: “As a user I can open a project folder as if it were a document.”
Requirement 2/27: “As a user I can add comments to a document.”
Requirement 3/27: “As a user I know all my changes are kept safe.”
Requirement 4/27: “As a user I can change the type of a topic.”
Requirement 5/27: “As a user I can never cause file corruption.”
Requirement 6/27: “As a user I can easily manage metadata.”
Requirement 7/27: “As a user I can easily see the structure of a document.”
Requirement 8/27: “As a user my spelling is automatically checked.”
Requirement 9/27: “As a writer I can easily structure my content.”

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