Keeping DITA files valid (5/27)

Keeping DITA files valid (5/27)

“As a user I can never cause file corruption” is the fifth of 27 requirements that we studied as part of our benchmark on XML editors.

Valid XML

This is an important user need in order to have a stable, effective working environment that authors can trust. After hours of labor, a corrupted and thus useless document is the last thing an author needs. Although it may be valid XML, breaking with a DITA schema may cause problems later on in the publishing process.

Real-time DITA validation

The XML solutions that scored best at keeping DITA files valid were the ones that enforced the DITA schema in real-time. Since the schema is the definition of what’s possible in DITA, this is the way to go, but there are many different ways to go about it.

Adjusting the interface

FontoXML checks schema compliance in real-time as well. Every user action is evaluated. But the real strength is in adjusting the interface to prevent illegal actions, and giving informative and readable feedback that allows an author to understand the situation and decide on how to proceed.

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