Fonto 6.10.0

Fonto 6.10.0

Release 6.10.0 is the start of transitioning the UI of the editor itself from Angular to React and we took this chance to change and improve some of it. Additionally we now offer an API comparable to the CVK families to configure lists. Do note that this release also removes certain API’s for which we previously would give you deprecation warnings in the developer tools console.

  • Fonto Design System(FDS): This release of FontoXML includes an upgraded version of the FDS UI component library. The API for some components has been changed. Please refer to the upgrade instructions when upgrading your existing FDS-based UI components for this release.
  • Angular to React: In line with our move from Angular to React and FDS, the Angular router (the component handling application startup) has been replaced with a React-based implementation. This requires some changes in existing applications; please refer to the upgrade instructions for more details.
  • Improving our UI: The FontoXML logo has been moved to the left side of the masthead so the right side can be used for user widgets, which will be enabled in a future release. This means that including client logos in the masthead is no longer possible. The FontoXML masthead now also supports a compact view optimized for embedding FontoXML in other applications.
  • List API: The new configureAsListElements API should now be used to specify the families for elements that form list-like structures. If this family is used, applications can use the new list operations to indent and outdent list items or convert between list types in a generic way. Applications using older implementations of list-related operations, including those using the DITA platform, will need to be upgraded to use this new API. Please refer to the upgrade instructions for more details.

To top everything off we’ve improved the error messages provided by our schema compiler. We’ve heard your valuable feedback and hope that this will allow everyone to get through this process on their own.

  • Schema compiler: The schema compiler in the FontoXML SDK portal now reports any errors and warnings encountered when processing the schema. This should make it much easier to debug errors in your schema files or incompatibilities between your schema and FontoXML.

Please refer to your implementation partner for further details on how to acquire release 6.10.0 for your instance of FontoXML. For more details on everything mentioned above, other new features, improvements, and bug fixes you can read the release notes.

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