Fonto 8.2 is out right now

As the days once again grow shorter and darker, it is time for another release of Fonto. For this release, we maintained the focus on making improvements instead of adding new features. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any new things to find, you will notice some of the outline is now sticky when scrolling, and …

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Fonto 8.1 is now available

The latest release of Fonto focuses primarily on improving what was already in place. After our first major release in over four years, we decided to take a release worth of time to ensure we could further polish and optimize the work that was done previously. This includes, based on your feedback, improvements to our …

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Fonto 8.0 is up for grabs

It is with pride and excitement that we introduce our 8.0 release. However, we haven’t kept this excitement a secret over the last couple of weeks as we released a series of blog posts highlighting our 8.0 release. Moving our outline to the left of the screen. Introducing balloons. Adding support for TypeScript to allow …

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Release 7.17: I got a String for you

Whether it is the strings of Christmas lights, the strings right next to elements containing them, or the strings that can be used in our XPath and XQuery implementation. At Fonto we’re all about it this holiday season. We’re constantly improving the user interface of our products. We’ve improved accessibility for our users by improving …

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Release 7.16: Hip to be square

Forget everything you know about table selections in Fonto. This release introduces a sparkling new way of making cell selections. And while at it, we’ve also made various improvements to the focus and selection behavior as a whole in Fonto.  Although we’ve been dedicating the majority of our time to prepare for the upcoming releases, …

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Release 7.15: A Change is Gonna Come

We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes in preparation for the major features we’ll be bringing out toward the end of the year. We’re very excited for what’s to come and we hope you are too! Naturally, we won’t be leaving you empty-handed this release. We’re releasing 7.15 with quite a few customer-requested features, …

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Release 7.13: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

It’s finally here! After tirelessly working on our new documentation portal, we’re very excited to announce that its website has launched. The new website contains all the articles from before, except it’s much faster, more structured, easier to search and quicker to navigate. Click here to visit.  We’ve also showered our Outline with love this …

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Release 7.12: Drinking our own champagne

This release we’ve been tackling some big projects that are going to greatly benefit both our internal workflow as well as our clients’. For starters, we’ve been working on our very own diff engine, which will replace the current engine in Fonto Document History. This new and improved diff engine makes comparing revisions a lot …

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Release 7.10

Normally you are used to a lighthearted introduction from us. This time we would like to express our hope that everyone is and will stay safe. Despite everything, we still wanted to inform you that this latest release is thoroughly tested and approved… by a team working from home. Fonto Editor New quick navigation This …

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Fonto 8.0 WebinarApril 13, 6.30 pm CET / 11.30 am CST

Providing you with insights from our team and a QA session.

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