Fonto 8.7: Ready, steady, go!

Fonto 8.7: Ready, steady, go!

We are ending this year on a stable footing! We’ve spent a good amount of time making bug fixes, improving the code and doing preparatory work for upcoming releases. While this means that this time we have shorter release highlights and less flashy videos, we have certainly not been idle. Great things are coming up and we will continue to improve both the user and the developer experience of our product.

We’ve optimized and simplified the code of several open source add-ons, making it easier for developers to work with. We also added widget areas for various families, which offers more flexibility for customization. Lastly, upon customer request, we made some changes to the visualization of MathML formulas to make them consistent across Fonto Editor. For the full list of fixes, see the release notes.

Fonto Content Quality

We’ve enhanced Fonto Content Quality by introducing the ability to load dictionaries on a per-document basis. This much-requested feature allows implementation partners to load specific terminology for each document, offering a more tailored approach instead of relying on a single terms database for all publications within a CCMS. The feature is particularly helpful when you have a set of terms that are only relevant for a certain publication and not for others. 

Coming up in a future release

  • Fonto Document History gets the map visualization, similar to Fonto Editor and Fonto Review. The navigator can be used to easily jump between changes and the interface is much more recognizable to end users. Apart from that, the jumping behavior between Fonto Document History and Fonto Editor/Fonto Review is now consistent, because you can’t drag selections anymore that are invalid.
  • Fonto Content Quality gets a front-end system to annotate elements using XPath. This comes with new visualization for block annotations.
    The state that is already present in Fonto can be used as information to annotate elements with. People also have more content to work with instead of just one block at the time.
  • Fonto Output gets its first version of an API, similar to other Fonto products. Clients and partners will be able to integrate and configure Fonto Output more easily, but this API is not final, so it might be subject to unforeseen changes.
    In addition, Fonto Output will receive significant performance improvements.

Want to experience Fonto 8.7 yourself? Give it a try! 

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