Fonto 8.5: Summer is here and so is our latest release

Fonto 8.5: Summer is here and so is our latest release

This year’s summertime release introduces an often-asked feature in the form of the new placeholder family and while this release can’t offer you anything in the form of a refreshment to deal with the summer heat it does offer a refresh of our context menus. 

This release also features something “hot” for all the developers out there in the form of improved error reporting. Our own Martin Middel has written a blog post detailing what we’ve improved.

Fonto Editor

  • The new configureAsPlaceholder family allows users to configure a node to be a placeholder for content that will be added later, such as for images. See our new guide on How to configure placeholders for more information.
  • Context menus in some cases had grown to include a lot of options for both the clicked element and its ancestry. To improve ease of use and decrease cognitive overload, they have been reworked:
    • Context menus are no longer combined. Right-clicking a spell checker or Fonto Content Quality suggestion will only show its corresponding menu.
    • A scope can now be defined for context menus using the new isContextMenuScopeBoundary CVK option. This is automatically configured for structures such as lists and tables.
    • A new orthogonal configuration API can be used to simplify your configuration. Please refer to our updated guide on configuring the context menu for examples.
    • The default table context menu is now smaller and easier to use. As a result, other operations configured for tables will now be included in the main context menu instead of a “More…” sub-menu.
  • We’re hard at work to enable working with right-to-left (RTL) content in Fonto Editor. This release includes some of the fundamental changes to support that. We’re not quite ready to fully release this feature (including APIs to configure and edit content direction) in 8.5, but please get in touch if you would like early access to this functionality as we develop it.

Coming up in a future release

In a future release, we will enhance our own XML diffing engine with the visualization of differences in tables for Fonto Document History. Change visualization such as additions and removals of rows and columns will be added. In the current version of Fonto Document History these changes are visualized as entire table removals and additions, the new visualization will make the individual structural changes much more intuitive to see. This starts with simple single additions and removals of rows and columns but extends into more advanced scenarios with compounding and conflicting changes. 

Table diffing in Fonto Document History

Want to experience Fonto 8.5 yourself? Give it a try!

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