Fonto 6.6.0

Fonto 6.6.0

FontoXML 6.6.0 is now available and we’ve worked hard on some features we would like to tell you a bit more about.

New highlight models

In several parts of the FontoXML UI we’ve added new ways to display the context of where your authors are going perform any actions.

  • When hovering over the breadcrumb path a new dashed highlight border is shown around the matching element in the document view.
  • When clicking an element in the breadcrumb path a different highlight is shown compared to when the full text within the element is selected.
  • When using the find and replace functionality a new highlight is briefly visible when replacing an entry.
  • For FontoXML instances which have the attributes editor addon two new highlight models have been introduced, both of these are only shown when the properties panel is open:A new pink outline which is shown around the element for which you are currently editing the properties of. A newly introduced dropdown at the top of the panel itself which acts as a breadcrumb path without moving the actual selection. Hovering over the elements in this dropdown will show a pink dashed highlight around the element.

Locally defined elements support

FontoXML now supports schemas with local element definitions. The SDK portal’s schema converter will now correctly process such elements and FontoXML will use the appropriate definition for validation. This allows for an even more finely tuned experience where you can use the schema to define context specific scenarios for elements.

XPath 3.1 engine

We’ve replaced our XPath 1.0 engine with a new XPath 3.1 engine. This allows for a much broader selection of XPath capabilities to be used when configuring your editor. We now support language constructs such as:

  • Variables using let and variables passed to the engine at runtime
  • Arrow function operator (=>)
  • Quantified expressions (some and every)
  • Conditional expressions (the if operator)We currently do not yet support all language constructs, please refer to the documentation for further details.

Please refer to your implementation partner for further details on how to acquire release 6.6.0 for your instance of FontoXML. For more details on the 6.6.0 release you can read the release notes.

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