Fonto 6.7.0

Fonto 6.7.0

FontoXML 6.7.0 is “hot off the press” and we’ve added some neat features we would like to highlight for you.

Iframe CMS Connector

We’ve added a new connector allowing FontoXML to be integrated into environments where it is technically impossible to implement the endpoints needed for the FontoXML Standard CMS Connector. Instead of making HTTP requests, this connector communicates by sending equivalent postMessage messages to the window hosting the FontoXML iframe.

New conversions

We’ve added two new operations for converting all text in the selection to uppercase or lowercase, convert-selection-to-uppercase and convert-selection-to-lowercase.

New configuration options

We’ve added some new configuration options aimed at making it easier to only overwrite a specific part of configuration without having to repeat the full family configuration.

  • configureMarkupLabel
  • This allows the setting of just the markup label for nodes matching a specific selector.
  • configureContextualOperations
  • This allows the setting of just the contextual operations for nodes matching a specific selector.

Additionally we’ve been working hard on improving our documentation. While we continiously try to improve the already existing documentation we have also started a new step by step guides section. For this release we’ve added a guide on how to get an instance of FontoXML up and running and a guide on how to install and configure the attributes editor.

Release Notes

Please refer to your implementation partner for further details on how to acquire release 6.7.0 for your instance of FontoXML. For more details on the 6.7.0 release you can read the release notes.

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