Fonto 6.9.0

Fonto 6.9.0

We’ve decided to make one more pit stop, in the form of release 6.9.0, before the 7.0.0 release. We are well on the way though, which makes 6.9.0 a big release on it’s own. In the last nine months a part of the product team has been researching and developing a new library for creating custom UI. For this release we will be giving you a sneak preview in the form of the first set of components from this library.

  • Fonto Design System(FDS): A new library of React-based UI components designed to make it easier than ever to customize the UI of your FontoXML instance. Please refer to the documentation for full details. Future releases of FontoXML will integrate FDS into every aspect of the FontoXML UI and replace the previous AngularJS-based UI. To accommodate this ongoing procedure we will be offering ways to use both the old system and FDS simultaneously.
  • XML Schema 1.0 simple type support: FontoXML is now able to validate most XML Schema 1.0 simple types used for both attributes and element content. You will need to recompile your schema to take advantage of this feature. Please refer to the upgrade instructions for details.

Additionally the 6.9.0 release comes with a change that deprecates an API. This is not a breaking change, but we do strongly advise you to change any configuration you may have that still uses this.

  • Selectors API: The API based on Selector objects has been removed. All selectors should now be specified using XPath strings. Note that we still currently support passing simple node names or arrays of node names as a convenience. Use the adaptNodeSpecToSelector function to convert these to proper XPath expressions.

On the documentation front we’re also making noteworthy advancements. Aiming to improve both our API references and guide documentation.

  • Fonto Design System(FDS): This new library will come with it’s own API reference and guides. Aimed at getting you started with FDS as soon as possible.
  • CMS integration guide: We’ve made some much needed improvements to our CMS integration guide.

Please refer to your implementation partner for further details on how to acquire release 6.9.0 for your instance of FontoXML. For more details you can read the release notes.

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